Ice Cream in the Spring

It is quite the beautiful day today! I’ve heard one of our meetings will be held outside to enjoy the sunshine, perhaps we will play hackysack afterwards to fully take advantage of a rare spring day such as this.

Lately I’ve been doing some searching through Danger By Design to collect a few pieces of art, and I came across this picture. This is my favorite dish to order at Cafe Kiki, if we could order the parfaits, then this would be a different story.

~Mmm, creme de glace!~

Ice cream is such a lovely treat…and I think there may be some fudge bars in the freezer here…maybe I will check it out (don’t tell anyone). The workers here like their snacks! ^.~

Twitter quote contest is today! This month we are giving away digital strategy guides to the winners, so head over to participate.

Keep it real!
~Little Jackalope~

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