Happy Mother’s Day!

I wouldn’t have known who Nancy Drew was if it wasn’t for my mom and grandmother, who introduced me to this great heroine. As a young child who enjoyed reading about adventures and mysteries, I received several Nancy Drew books from them. The faded, worn look and feel of a vintage copy was cherished and I was thrilled over the glossy re-prints that helped grow my collection. Mom not only encouraged me to read, but she would read the books with me, and later we would converse about the exciting story Nancy was involved in.

Mother’s day is coming up, remember to thank her in your own special way for all that she has done for you, whether it be encouraging you to read or encouraging you to be the best you can be no matter what the endeavor. If your mom hasn’t tried a Nancy Drew game yet, we hope you’ll consider the Nancy Drew Dossier game “Resorting to Danger” on sale for $14.99 this month only. It’s the perfect introduction to the digital world of Nancy Drew that can be shared with the both of you. Please join us as we celebrate Moms this weekend. They are our teachers and cheer leaders who love us so very much, let’s give them a cheer back!

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