Excitement for CAP page! (And map thoughts)

That’s right, the official product page for The Captive Curse will go live tomorrow! Not only will you be able to get the pre-order information, but the official release date will be up, a couple screenshots, and best of all: The Official Teaser Trailer! (Not the one at the end of Shadow at the Water’s Edge, but a new video no one has seen yet.) Whoo-hoo!

I had a nice chat with a fellow artist about artsy things in the games. There are so many different ways of looking at a map; click and drag such as the miniature mausoleum in The Crystal Skull, driving around with a bird’s eye view like in Secret of the Old Clock and Trail of the Twister, point-and-click like in The Haunted Carousel (among others), or highlighted locations with a transition image such from Secret of the Scarlet Hand or Danger by Design. Is there a particular way you like to travel? After walking forever in the tunnels of Danger on Deception Island, I’m glad that we players can enjoy quicker get-around options.

~Check out this old map design from CAR~

Weekend puzzle concerning The Captive Curse is tomorrow!
~Little Jackalope~

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