Melting Bunnies and Puzzle hint.

Whoo-hoo! I am ready for Monday! I hope you had a great Easter weekend, maybe even get to play a Nancy Drew game or enter into our Nancy Drew Cake Design contest (there’s still a little time left!). Also, for those of you who like screen savers, Danger on Deception Island‘s is available on the home page today for you to download.

A fellow worker here decided to test her duck lamp (that’s right: duck lamp) to see how much the heat from the bulb emits on a cute, poor, helpless little chocolate bunny. Here’s how the experiment went:

“Less than an hour later,” she says, “the bunny was reduced to the top half of the foot with an eye peeping out from beneath the basket, which is now floating in chocolate smush.” Fascinating. Although sometimes I wonder if ducks have it out for bunnies because they don’t receive nearly enough attention in the springtime or Easter…

Looks like the weekend puzzle was a hit, and is still unsolved. (I have noticed that one person in particular has gotten really close to the truth.)

Here’s some more direction and clarification:
~Left side, first line = plain yellow flag should have a black dot in the center.
~Right side, second line = (In addition) Now hop back two.
~Left side, first line = (In addition) Sixth, meaning the first.
~Don’t forget to combine at the end (the answer is not a number)

Keep those brain gears rotating, detectives!
~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh… I was so close. Thanks for the fun riddle!


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