Happy Easter Detectives!

Sunday was Easter and for many fans this was a time of celebration. There are all sorts of colorful decorations for the celebrations of these holidays, and for this season in particular there were a lot of pastel colors.  Whether you have walked down a store aisle, or made a huge mess with your artistic creations, you were bound to have come across an iconic Easter feature: Easter Eggs!

Last year we explained what Easter Eggs are, but for those who aren't familiar, I will refresh the description. Easter Eggs look like actual eggs that are colorfully decorated and are placed somewhere inside the game environments. They are well hidden and often require a little extra effort and work to earn them. These are only for fun and for your extra enjoyment, and therefore are not necessary for completing the game. Here are a couple of eggs from the past games for you to find.

Trail of the Twister:

Earn 9990 pennies to purchase the unknown Mystery box in Pa’s store and use what’s inside to find the egg.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge:

Print out the ghost image from your cell phone at the photo booth in the parlor.

That’s not all, though! There are several more eggs to find in the games, but I’ll let you discover them on your own. It’s always rewarding when you work hard to find a treasure. How many have you found?

With the end of Easter weekend comes the end of the Nancy Drew Cake Design contest, and we must say that we are overwhelmed by the number of submissions! There are so many of you who are talented in the art of cake baking and decorating! Keep an eye out, because we will be posting the finalists on Facebook by 5pm PST April 29th.

Good luck detectives!

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