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The Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries:  Shadow Ranch launch is almost here, and we’re excited to be bringing our favorite super-sleuth to the mobile movement!    We’ve been making PC/Mac Adventure games for over 10 years now, and while there have been a few forays into the unknown (Wii, DS, etc.) we’ve never staked our claim like we are now, with a whole new series.  Our games have been traditionally only been played in homes, schools, and libraries around the world, but soon you’ll be able to experience a great Nancy Drew mystery no matter where you are; on the bus to school, sitting in the park, or even relaxing on the couch at home!  With an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you’ll be able to play as Nancy anywhere! 

But what is it?

Well, Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries is a story-based gamebook that lets players choose their own path through an epic mystery all while solving puzzles and playing addicting minigames.   You’ll be reading a Nancy Drew mystery and choosing what the super-sleuth does and says at critical points in the story; all while interacting with images, words, puzzles and more!  And for this first game we’ve used the setting from one of our most popular games, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch!  Though it may have a similar title, this game is a whole new mystery for you to experience in the majestic and haunting desert ranch, plus you might just run into a few familiar and much-loved characters.  We’ll be releasing new gameplay information and little content tidbits all month long on our Twitter page and via Facebook.  We’ve also updated the product page for Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch with the latest information.  Check it out now!

What could be better than Nancy-on-the-go?

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