We’re back and ready to rock!

Hey all, do you have a great holiday break? Hopefully you received a new game to play, winter breaks are perfect times to spend on a good mystery (I also played a game or two). I sure enjoyed a little rest, but now I’m excited to be back and among the action here in the office. (I was suspicious when I came to my desk to find my computer monitor turned 30 degrees off its original angle and a soda can next to my keyboard. No worries, we don’t have villains here, just sneaky culprits.)

It’s a new year filled with new ideas and new projects to add to last year’s unfinished to-do list. There will sure to be more contests and fun things coming up! As I walked by a room I overheard some familiar western music…hmm…sounds like an awesome project they have going on. Speaking of westerns, have you seen the title banner on the website page for the first Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries game? There’s an extra horse, and it’s a pretty one! Ooh, I’m excited! I may do some snooping around to find a larger image. Until then, whoa! I just heard a whinny! What a distraction, as I was saying;

Stay sharp!
~Little Jackalope~

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2 responses to “We’re back and ready to rock!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    when you said unfinshed projects do you mean ship of shadows. if so great,

  2. FutureHeRprogrammer says:

    Yay!! Hope y’all are working on the games for the iPod touch!!!! I now have a touch so I can’t wait ’till it comes out!!! 🙂

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