The clues are in the details.

I’m having quite a wonderful day so far, except for the part about Novel being out. 🙁 He will be back tomorrow, though. 🙂

Our Game Production Manager is such a trooper what with that broken leg of hers! She’s here working with a smile on her face, although in a bit of pain. She is pretty much awesome!

All the workers here at Her are totally awesome; I was given a little tutorial on an art trick on my computer by one of our super artists, which was so much fun! I love learning new tricks from the pros!

While on one of my projects, I was studying a few game covers (again!) and thought how intriguing the designs are! Take a close look at a few of them and you’ll notice tiny details such as the reflection in the water of the Yurei (ghost girl) on the cover of Shadow at the Water’s Edge, or the number 13 scattered all over Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. I particularly like the small eye-catching ones like the lit window on the house in the image on The Secret of Shadow Ranch, or the treasure chest on the cover of Ransom of the Seven Ships.

Did you see the January newsletter? It’s up with a slightly-new design, but the fun part is the content: finally more info on Nancy Drew: Mobile Mysteries Shadow Ranch! Whoo-hoo!! I’m excited.

Stay on your toes!
~Little Jackalope~

One response to “The clues are in the details.”

  1. Hannah says:

    You forgot Fatima on the list of people in Last Train to Blue moon Canyon!!!!!!

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