Check. Check. Che–Wait! Where’d that come from?

I’m feeling quite productive today. I checked off three things on my task list and hope to have four more done today. Of course, I did get totally distracted in my work when I stumbled upon a piece of art that I hardly recognized! See here:Can you identify which game this was from? I realized that there are several more inventory items that were collected in the games that often we don’t notice. These mysterious items are the victims of Nancy-takes-then-gives-right-back events. We earn them, but immediately following is the part when we have to pass it along to another character or place. I personally like collecting a ton of stuff in the games, instead of losing my inventory. I suppose losing some for a purpose makes us sometimes feel accomplished, like putting a puzzle piece into the wall in order to solve it.

Suppose a hint for last weekend’s puzzle would be helpful, yeah? The 4×7 refers to a grid.

Ta-ta for now!
~Little Jackalope~
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8 responses to “Check. Check. Che–Wait! Where’d that come from?”

  1. Laura says:

    The Auction tickets are from Secret of the Old Clock! 😀

  2. Ferret says:

    Those raffle tickets are from Secret of the Old Clock 😀 😀

    I am really interested in working at HerInteractive (or a similar company) when I am older, either as a programmer or helping to come up with ideas for the games. Is there anything you would recommended to me to prepare for a job like this?

    Thanks a ton and I really enjoy reading your blog 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    Secret of the Old Clock

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where in CLK did you find these tickets?? Tell me.. unless it’s not allowed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The tickets are frome Secret of the old Clock.:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is it from the Secret of the Old Clock?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think that the game that that piece of inventory came from was Secret of the Old clock. I know because it says “Titusville” at the top, and as far as I can remember, Titusville is the town that Nancy was in for that game.
    ~R 🙂

  8. Grace says:

    It’s from “Secret of the Old Clock!” 🙂

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