Beautiful environments, beautiful colors.

Exploring new game environments for the first time is so much fun! I got to take a peek at a room and several mini-puzzles yesterday inside one of the games we are working on, and I must say, it is a very beautiful environment and the puzzles are so much fun! I’m super excited for the upcoming game…I may snoop around to find find more tidbits.

Today I’m taking a look at our website and the game box designs for an art project. Each game has a color theme to it, and the different colors on each box makes for a nice balance with all of them sitting on my shelf. Is there a color we are missing? I was thinking yellow earlier, but we did that with Lights! Camera! Curses! and Resorting to Danger. After all, many of the Nancy Drew books are yellow.

Another hint for last weekend’s puzzle: Grid the alphabet, then number the letters.

Hip hop!
~Little Jackalope~
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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about a light green for your box??

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