Surprise! It’s Monday!

Guess what happens on Mondays? Just about everything. There’s buzz in the office because a couple got engaged! Congrats to them! It must be the season for everything special. It’s also the season for being sick. Several people here at Her Interactive aren’t feeling too well but came in to the office anyway. What troopers!
We are super busy with all kinds of things, and a few of us are having a discussion about character hairstyles. It’s interesting to hear the artists’ and designer’s thought process on this!

Ooh! The new holiday wallpaper is up for you to download, and can be found on the home page. Also, if you are on the message boards, there is a new avatar you can use. 🙂

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the couple! I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!!

    The wallpaper is awesome too! 😀 Thanks for mentioning it. I usually check everything EXCEPT the homepage, so yeah 😛

    Have a good week! That goes to Novel too!

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