Solving cases and keeping on our toes.

Today is alive and we are running! This place feels like a hot zone for all sorts of action; meetings all day, phone calls, contests to check out, schedule planning, and lots of food talk is what I’m hearing all at this moment. (These things that keep us on our toes and our minds alert are what make it so exciting in this office!)

Earlier a few office sleuths solved “The Case of the Disappearing Chair”. Using their keen observation and interrogating skills, they cracked the case. There is predicament I’d like to try solve, too: how to get into the special snack closet, which of course “Is locked!” without anybody noticing…

The ND Decoder sweepstakes is hopping! Lots of you have entered, but if you haven’t, you still have time! Tomorrow night at 11:59pm PST we will stop accepting entries. So hurry to it!

By the way, Sonny Joon wishes you a “peaceful” season.

~Little Jackalope~

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