Researching and Art projects

It’s been a while since I have read through one of the yellow hardcover Nancy Drew books, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as when I was younger, but my doubts soon vanished when I started reading one for some “research”. It was awesome! I loved every page of it and since I just couldn’t put it down, I never used a bookmark.
It reminded me that Nancy is a fighter for justice, and that is what drives her to find answers. Well, that and her curiosity, of course!

I’ve been doing some snooping for old art images to mischievously alter for future projects. I’m particularly looking forward to Thursday when more goodies are released! Busy, busy, busy! I should be wearing my elf hat right now…

Oh the puzzle! Congrats to you super sleuths who quickly solved the weekend puzzle! Here’s how it went: Start with the first letter and count every third until you reach the end. Next, go back and start on that second letter, counting every third. Do this one more time (starting on the third letter, counting every third) so that every letter and space and punctuation mark is used. You get three titles:
1. Trail of the Twister
2. Secrets Can Kill Remastered
3. Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Keep it real!
~Little Jackalope~

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