Holiday Wishes

As always, the holidays are a busy time for us here at Her Interactive.  There are lots of new cases to solve, and new mysteries to tell.  But this is also a time for friends and family, so we’re delighted to take a break and spend some time with the people we love.   If you call the office this holiday, you might find Nancy is back in River Heights till the New Year and we’re planning on following suit.  We’ll be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd, back just in time to kick-off a brand new sleuthing year!

Family isn’t the only thing on our minds.  It’s also around now that we make our wish lists for the future.  Many of you are familiar with this tradition of asking for presents.  With all that we’ve accomplished this year, we’re hoping we’ve been good enough to receive more than a few items on our list.  Luckily we’ve been told about some things we’ll find wrapped and ready for production next year. 

So what wishes do we know are getting granted?

–          We wished for more Nancy, of course!  Nancy’s 24th adventure has already been announced, and Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse is on track to be one of our best mysteries yet!  Though there’s no official launch date just yet, you can bet that we’ll be spending most of this winter season trying to uncover a few clues to this new case.

–          Just like Nancy Drew, we want mystery to follow us wherever we go.  So this year we asked for the chance to offer Nancy fans an adventure they could take anywhere, and with Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch you’ll be able to do just that.  If you didn’t already know, we’re releasing an app for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch early next year.  It’s an interactive novel that lets you solve puzzles, discover clues, and unfold the story with choices you make!  Look for more information to come soon.

–          We had a ton of awesome contests this year, and our wish is to top them for next year.  Expect new contests and giveaways to begin early next year.  We’ll be offering some wonderful prizes, from Nancy Drew games to everyone’s favorite, a chance to have you picture placed in a Nancy Drew adventure!  It’s going to be a good year to be a Nancy fan.

Don’t worry, there’s definitely more to come next year, we just don’t want to spoil all of the gifts we’ve wrapped.  And trust us when we say there are some really awesome surprises to be revealed. 

And lastly, I’d love to extend Season’s Greetings to everyone from the Her Interactive Team.  We hope you all have a safe and Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year.

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