Goodies and ciphers… and a leaky roof

This is what I’ve learned since I’ve been at Her Interactive: something interesting happens every day. Yesterday a leak was discovered in the roof, and today (as I speak) someone is trying to fix it (right across from my cubicle). Thankfully the leak isn’t over any one’s desk!

Whoa! I just realized it’s December already! That means some great stuff will be coming your way. Actually, there are a few things available right now. A holiday wallpaper is up for downloading (this is from Trail of the Twister), so check out the Dare to Play blog for details. If you are a member on the message boards, check out the new avatars you can use, (the “Whale” is on page two and “Nancy Drew Book” is on page three under the “Standard Avatar” list).

Congrats to all you sleuths for solving the puzzle from last week (and for catching the typos…that is totally my fault and I will make it up to you, meaning Novel might fire me from puzzle creation.) Here’s how it is solved:

Find the lyrics to the song “Let it Snow!” and notice how it is broken up into four verses (“paragraphs” or “sections” for us non-musical people) and use the Ottendorf cipher to find individual letters.
The first number represents the verse/section, the next number is the line, third is word and last is the letter in that word.
For example: = P

Here’s the complete answer: (Hannah’s Pumpkin Pie).
Stay sharp!

~Little Jackalope~

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