Elves and Sneakiness

Santa and Elf hats are sort of funny looking, I think. I’ve been staring at them all day and goofing off with their different shapes and how they rest, and I realized that elf hats look a little like a medieval archer’s pointy hat. You know, the kind with a feather in it? (Using detective skills really trains the eyes to such details and observations). Here’s the hat I have:

Lose the stripes and fake ears and fuzz ball at the end and voila! I’m an archer! Or just a sneaky elf in disguise.

Speaking of being sneaky, I casually walked by a meeting room not too long ago and subtly looked through the corner of my eye to see what’s going on. It was a secret meeting in the dark, the schemers were speaking about the future. Ooh! I walked quickly by because I wanted to be surprised later.

We have a few surprises in the near future as well! Just wait a bit and you’ll see!

~Little Jackalope~

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