A Nancy Snow Day

Well, we are snowed in today. That means cocoa, a blanket and extra time to spend on playing one (or more) of the Nancy Drew games! I haven’t decided which one to play, though. I’m thinking “Classic old game? Or exciting new game? Snow in the game, or ghost in the game?” Oh I know! How about Treasure In the Royal Tower followed by The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and in the dark of night I’ll play Curse of Blackmoor Manor if I have that much time. What a great combination for a wintry season like this. Sounds like a great gift idea, (Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites, anyone?) especially when or if you get snow or storm days and need some excitement in the warm indoors.

How fast do you suppose you could get through these games (if you have already played them), and how long does it generally take to finish a new game? I know I take days on a new one, but can zip much faster through a classic we all know so well.

Oh dear, with all these games to choose from, I should make sure I have some time for work…

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so I’ve beaten all of the ones in the collection. My record for TRT is about 1.5 hours, for SSH (correct me if the abrreviation is wrong) it took me about a day and a half. and for CUR, my first ND game EVER, a little more than a month (it was my first ND game discovery, so pretty good!) welcome to HI Jackalope!


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