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I played around a bit in the Mobile Mysteries world today. I’m not exactly a techno-phile (e.g. Rentaro), but I will say it was quite an awesome experience. Its more novel than “PC snooper” which is fine by me. Of course I exploited the portability as best I could (considering the soppy weather we’re having.) and found a quiet and comfortable corner to play in. The encapsulated “Nancy experience” was familiar… cold, dark room; notepad and pencil next to me; fingers tight with nervous tension. I guess its good that they included all that. But I’m still concerned about the barrier of entry (i.e. an ‘iProduct’.) I guess they’re becoming more common every day so who knows…

These jaunts into new territory are good for HI in my opinion. What do you think?

Here’s a hint to help you solve the puzzle. Good luck!

– Puzzle Hint –

If notes were numbers, would they add up?

Halloween is 5 days away! Got your costume ready?

– Novel –

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  1. Peter Schott says:

    At least for us, an “i” product would be a deal-killer. We don’t own one and unless one is given to us, we never will. I love the idea of some sort of mobile mystery, but would like to see efforts expended for other platforms as well. Android is growing and WP7 (though new/untried) is showing a lot of promise. I’ll agree that there are a lot of “i” devices, but their growth has slowed down somewhat with Android gaining quite a bit lately.

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