Grab the Shadow at the Water’s Edge!

Today is the day!!!  Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge is in-stores right now at Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.  Go to your nearest store and pick up the game to see what all of the fans that preordered the game are raving about.  If they don't have it on the shelves, ask to speak with a manager and request that check for inventory in the back or that they stock the game.  Find the store number, then write emails to corporate headquarters saying that they didn't have the game at your local store.  Hopefully, none of that happens though and you are able to walk into the store and purchase the game.  It runs on both PC and Mac so no worries there.  You can also download the game exclusively from our website starting at 6AM PST today. 

So once you have the game at home, what's the first thing you do?  Do some screaming, jumping, and running around the house to show how excited you are?  That's a good start…  We think you can do better though.  🙂  Post on Facebook that you're playing the game, put up signs saying "do not disturb, playing Nancy Drew game", text all of your friends and tell them that you're about to play the game, and write a letter to your senator telling them how awesome the Nancy Drew games are and how they will help the education system if you could play them in school.  Now that's what we're talking about!

If you need help with the game, check out our hints on the message board from other fans.  You can also get the demo adventure game downloads free on our website if you're still not sure about Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge.

Finally, once you finish a the game, write your reivew on our message board and Amazon to let the world know what you thought of the game!

Also, we're excited to announce our Collector's Edition Fan Favorites tin!  This special tin contains the top 3 fan favorite games: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Treasure in a Royal Tower, and Secret of Shadow Ranch.  Plus, you'll also receive a one-of-a-kind leatherette journal with never seen before concept art from the games all for $49.99 – shipping on November 1st.

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