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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge was a game for our fans – it's the culmination of a lot of meetings, hours of scouring the message board, and analyzing post mortem surveys.  The more feedback you give us, the better our games will be.  See, we make games for the fans, so we to solicit feedback from our fans and keep an open conversation.  You can always email us at or leave messages for us on any of our other public forums such as the message board, Facebook, Twitter, Amateur sleuth, and Dare to Play blog pages.  We read all of it!

Additionally, we wanted to give our fans something extra for Nancy Drew's 80th Anniversary.  We've created an amazing collection for our diehard fans based on answers we received from a survey we conducted last year.  We asked what your favorite games were and you said: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Treasure in a Royal Tower, and Secret of Shadow Ranch.  So we decided to put these games in a container.  Some of you may have seen our Facebook poll whether to use a vintage lunchbox or a generic tin earlier in the year.  Again, the fans voted and the tin edged the lunchbox out by just a hair.  We also had to design the tin to make it unique to Her Interactive, so we  used some of the iconic art from the box covers to adorn the tin.  We chose to use purple as our main color to complement Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Treasure in a Royal Tower's themes.  The tin turned out very nicely and can be used to store your magnifying glass or other clues you collect for your case.

To really make the Collector's Edition Fan Favorites extra special, we created a one of a kind journal with never seen before concept art.  As you can imagine, we have lots of archives of art that has never been released, so we went digging through a lot of CDs to find some of the coolest art from these games.  These concept sketches are what the artist imagined the world to be before they were translated into digital files.  Most of our digital art is put together using shapes with textures on them, so pencil sketches just give the artists a base to build on.  We have a cactus, saddle, coat of arms, keys, armor, etc. that we're excited to show in the coming weeks.

The Collector's Edition Fan Favorites tin is $49.99, so make sure you ask for it for your birthday or get it on your holiday wish list!  There's only 5,000 of them available and you can only purchase them from  We start shipping the tins on November 1st.  Are you planning on getting this special collection?

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