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With Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill now in stores and the reviews coming in for the game, we are hoping that we got the message out to our fans that this game is a must have!  You can purchase it for download on our site or go to Target, Walmart, and Best Buy to get it in stores.

We're already starting to gear up for our next launch though – Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge!  Yes, our fall release is coming up soon and we are very busy trying to create things that will get you more interested in the game.  We've seen comments that you guys are loving the creepy trailer, and we'd just like to say that the game won't disappoint as far as scary goes!

First up, we usually create a mini-game for our website.  This time is no exception! While the mini-game won't be scary, we think you'll be interested to hear that it's similar to Danger by Design's mini-game, except better!  The Danger by Design mini-game was the second minigame we ever created, so we were still learning, but I think we've got things figured out more now.  Screenshot of the prototype anyone?

shadow at the water's edge minigame

We are also creating a microsite as well.  This time, we're going to make it a little bit different by paying a visit to a dear old friend whose career is ghost hunting. The last time we saw him, he was on a train, but this time, he'll be conducting paranormal tours to the ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) that Nancy Drew is heading to.  We're excited to be able to bring back a character from a previous game and build a website for him!  We think that our interprizing sleuths will be able to figure out who we're alluding to…

So, make sure you've played Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED and Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister – and then get ready to be scared by Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge!

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