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We are in full launch mode for Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge!  Preorders started yesterday and you need to make sure you get your order in to receive the Special Edition version featuring additional outfits for the phone avatars, arcade games on Nancy's cell phone, and bonus outtakes.  These are oddly fun sounding extras for a game that promises to be the scariest one yet!

Well, where there's dark, there's also light.  So while Shadow at the Water's Edge takes place mostly at night with errie ghost wailings and creepy music, we'd like to present to you the brighter, uh pinker, side of the game – Yumi Shimizu.  Yumi is the eldest sister, who according to tradition, is supposed to inheirt the inn that her family owns.  However, she wants nothing to do with it and would rather focus on fashion, food, and modern technology.  By moving to the neon lights of Kyoto, Yumi chose to start a very different life from her sister, Miwako, who stayed to manage the inn in her older sister's abscence.  

Kyoto is known for its wild fashion. You can see it in these picture below and Yumi is no exception in her self-made pink dress!

tokyo fashion

harijuku fashion

To get some of these looks for yourself, try Yumi's Fashion Editor!  Then use the look that you created as your avatar for your IM, Facebook, or Twitter profile to show off your style!

These are just the basics though – Yumi's daily blog will go into a lot more detail about her favorite things.  Leave her comments – she'll respond when she has time.  What are you waiting for, check out her blog and get to know her before you meet her in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge.

PS. Make sure you get your Ghost Hunter Certification at before you play the game!

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