Embarking on a Mobile Mystery

Yesterday, we announced some exciting news about playing Nancy Drew anytime, anywhere with our new series Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries!

Riptide, our developer, is also quite excited on creating this text-based adventure series as well!  Together, we're bringing a whole new twist on the classic novel by allowing the user to choose your own culprits, interrogation questions, and next steps while reading a book. 

Well, it's not just a book.  It's a game book, or interactive novel if you prefer.  There's going to be mini-games, baffling mysteries, awards, and a whole lot more! The game will debut in December, so that's plenty of time to get an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.  You won't want to miss out as we go back to Shadow Ranch to explore a lost mine, reign in a phantom horse, and catch a ghostly thief.  Why Shadow Ranch? Well, it's one of our most popular games and also the best-sellling Nancy Drew book for all time.

This game is for anyone who loves reading a good mystery.  You'll get to choose Nancy Drew's adventures and meeting some of your favorite Her Interactive characters along the way. There's not a lot of details for us to give out right now, but keep checking back for more information.

PS. Have you played our free online game based on Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge? The game is currently available for preorder (get the special edition with all the fun extras) and will be in stores on 10/19!

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