Secrets (REMASTERED) Revealed!

Preorders for the newly remastered version of Secrets Can Kill have already started! In fact, preordered boxed physical games will ship later on this week. To get more information about the game, we interviewed Robert, producer, on Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED for some juicy secrets.

1) What is the the biggest improvement in the remastered version?
Haha – having sound! My computer was running Vista so the original game didn't have sound when I played through it.

2) What do you think the fans will love the most about Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED?
The new ending – you get to go back down memory lane by playing a game that you experienced long ago, but there's still new surprises for you to discover.  When we remade the game, we thought about all the things a player would have liked to do in the original game and tried to make them happen here in the new version.

3) If you watched the comparison trailer for the new game, you'll noticed Barnacle Blast is featured as one of the new puzzles.  Can you tell us why you chose to use this arcade game?
Barnacle Blast is from The Haunted Carousel and I can spend soooo many hours playing this mini-game!  Technology has changed so much since we first made Barnacle Blast, so it was a lot of fun recreating it using the new scripting tools that we have.  The keyboard and mouse controls are all still the same, but we added A LOT more levels! 

4) The jukebox from Maxine's Diner works in Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED! What songs are on it?
I'm not going to spoil the entire track list, but here are a few selections:
Dance Dance
DJ Double R contributed a few new tracks.

5) So how exactly does this jukebox work?
You have to find quarters hidden in the environments much like the coins in Phantom of Venice and the Pa Pennies in the special edition of Trail of the Twister.  Use those coins to listen to the songs. It's a challenge to find all the coins hidden in the game.  I wonder how many intrepid sleuths will find them all…

6) Is there anything else you'd like to tell our fans?
I think our fans will appreciate the fact that the remastered version remains true to the spirit of the original.  We didn't change much of the dialogue so the characters still don't give the player any hints about what to do next.  Fortunately, we added a task list and journal to make it a little easier.  Enjoy wandering the halls at your leisure and we hope that you love the new Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill!

And there you have it – this new version of our very first game that started this award winning mystery series, remastered in celebration of Nancy Drew's 80th anniversary, is a must have for new and old fans alike!

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