Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED Released!

This game has been 12 years in the making – the remastered version of Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill!  When we first released it in 1998, most of us had never created a game before.  We didn't know what we were doing, but we were able to get a lot of help from girls and women who came particpated in our Advisory Board.  They came in to test the game and tell us about what they thought about Nancy Drew.  As it turns out, she's a little to perfect, according to them.  So we gave her always two types of responses to every question – a very polite and well mannered reply and a snarky one.  We also give her Second Chances.

But what a difference 12 years makes! In 1998, people still thought that girls didn't play computer games, but now girls are a growing segment of gamers that developers are focusing on.  Of course, we KNEW from the very beginning that girls like to play games.  Technology has also come a long way, so in the remastered version of Secrets Can Kill, you no longer have to switch between discs!  We also reprogrammed the entire game in a different scripting language that's much more powerful and efficient (for programming geeks, we now us LUA).

You guys already know that the game has a new ending, but did you know that we also added Sassy Detective awards?  And the coke machine works!  There's also a lot of references to our past games hidden throughout the game as well a few references to the number 80 in honor of Nancy Drew's 80th anniversary.  Notice that Hulk now wears the #80 jersey and you start with 8 lives in Barnacle Blast.  There's a quite a few references – can you find them all or take your best shot a putting together a list? 

We made this game for the fans, so we tried to put in all the things that you say you love about our games while keeping the story similar to the original.  Go to Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, or Best Buy and pick up the game today! Or, if you'd rather stay in your pajamas and avoid traffic, download Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED exclusively from Her Interactive.

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