Over the Weekend

Well it was definitely an exciting weekend for HI! Once a year, here in Seattle, there’s an event called Girlfest where thousands of Girl Scouts are invited to come participate in activities that range from henna tattoos to rock climbing to playing Nancy Drew games! About a dozen HI employees headed to downtown Seattle for the occasion to assist girls with contests and help girls play the games.

We had two contests set up, one was a free raffle to win Secrets Can Kill Remastered which we did drawings for three times throughout the day. The other was a questionnaire about Nancy Drew games, all based on information that could be found on the boxes which were lying out. By answering all the questions right, each contestant was entered into a drawing for an entire set of all the ND games! A pretty good prize I would say.

While we were busy at Girlfest I hope you guys were busy working on the weekend puzzle. But since no one on the message board has solved it yet, here’s a hint:

– Puzzle 69 Hint –
“To solve this tricky puzzle, you’ll need to use the shapes on a special grid”

This one is extra hard, gooood luck!

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