The Whirlwind Tour

The office has been pretty empty with so many at the “Casual Conference.” But that doesn’t mean we haven’t found time to create some cool new stuff. While I’ve been busy, I have had time to do some snooping of my own and I’ve seen the fine trappings of Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED content being expertly passed about the office. It no doubt means a strategic marketing strike is planned. My guess… tomorrow or Friday.

Desks have their own sort of “feng shui” rules. Personal items aside, distribution of material can be clues to the worker’s methods (and madness). I think that clutter either implies a busy worker, or a messy one. That line is really really fine though.

– Pic of the Week –

So what are you thoughts on this HI employee? Let me give you a hint; yes, he does in fact have two computers. ^.~

Puzzle 63 has been completed, let’s break it down.

– Puzzle 63 Answer –

To start, you’ll need to write down all of the
[ capital letters that appear ]. This will give you the following clue
[ N, I, C, E, S, D, M, Z, Z, M, M, Q, J, N ].
Next you’re given [ instructions ] in the lines of the puzzle.
[ Add one to each letter ] you’ve already written down
( i.e. [ A becomes B… G becomes H… etc. ] )
You’ll end up with [ O, J, D, F, T, E, N, A, A, N. N, R, K, O ]
Now all you have to do is [ unscramble the letters ]. This will give you the final answer,
[ Not Frank and Joe ]

So it looks like it might be a clue to just who your helpful pal will be in the next mystery. Maybe this week’s puzzle can shed some light.

– Novel (mno)-

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3 responses to “The Whirlwind Tour”

  1. KROLMEISTER says:

    He has more ND games than I do, that’s what I think. ROFL.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They’d better not both be Vista!!! :O

  3. Emma says:

    Does this HI employee happen to have something to do with the financial portion of the company, by any chance???

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