Out to Lunch

We have a few new faces in the office. Testers. Their sole job is to bend and break all the work we’ve done so far on Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED and Shadow at the Water’s Edge. It’s weird to think about. We pay them to play our games to a point of non-function… granted that’s a pretty simple version of what they do. There are rhythms and charts to follow, tasking their work to an expert level of precision, and make no mistake, it is greatly appreciated.

So there was pizza. Cause nothing fosters group communication like everyone diving for a slice. I approve.

I’ve got a hint for Puzzle 64, but I think it’ll let you solve it out right. We shall see.

– Puzzle 64 Hint –

Translate the words, then what do you have? (Think like #49)

Oh hey, the contest is almost at an end, keep sending submissions in! We’re loving the stories. 🙂

– Novel (first) –

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  1. KROLMEISTER says:

    I love the 3rd cover for SCK2 on the main HeR blog.
    I’m kinda excited about SCK2! It looks really awesome, and NO MORE MULTI-DISKS! WOOT!
    Can’t wait to see more.

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