Workers and Watchers

The many small tasks keep slipping by. With the mid-week here after only two days, we’ve been feeling a bit pressed. We’re just as excited for TOT as you are, plus we’ve got to get cracking on all the other releases! It’s going to be an exciting and busy summer. I think we’ve promised, “Mysteries for all.”

Juggling has been difficult (see:’opening statement’). Demos, microsites, and newsletters are our forte. We’ve got a shallow hand with other offerings, but I expect that to change. Oh, yes. There are plans. If you’re afraid we’re overdone, don’t worry, we’ve got a some pint-sized reference materials at hand.

– Good things come in small packages –

We’ll keep at it. Good things are on the way. Even more good things are on the way. ^.~

– Novel (oI)-

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  1. Grace says:

    I just finished the TOT demo and I love the game so far! I can’t wait for the release!

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