The content fairy paid us a visit last night in the form of a TOT Character trailer. Maybe you should check it out if you’re not already watching it over and over to pick out little details. I’ve heard rumors of a newsletter to follow (per earlier post) but the update is it’s got even more character stuff… They’ve always got to bombard us with the latest info, though I’ve probably got most of it memorized to heart. Obsess much? Not enough, I say.

This week’s hard-knock story comes from our Testing department. They’re a super important piece of the ND world, so I figure it’s about time we heard from that neck of the woods. Here’s Jeanne with the what’s-what.

– Blurb of the Week –

My job is to be the first person to play through and help balance each part of the game. This means I’ll walk through environments, hear convos many times (I’ve got quite a few SCK lines memorized) and play a lot of puzzles before they’ve been tuned to the perfect difficulty. This week I played a timed puzzle from SCK that was so slow I could literally eat my entire lunch while playing and still win. When they gave it back to me after my recommendations, I lost 4 lives in about 3 seconds. Tweaking takes a lot of time, but we want this game to be just right… particularly because it’s a game our fans are pretty familiar with…

Danke, danke. Keep up the good work, and maybe you can give us your best Nancy monologue one of these days. ^.~

The puzzle is still in stall mode… How to shake the dive… suggestions?

– Novel –

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