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Ahh, more trickery.

The Thursday conversation was quite lovely. We had one of our most talented artists sit down for a short report. Jayme has been on the team for quite a while and certainly knows the score. Without further ado:

– Blurb of the Week –

I was quite eager to come to work this week, well, except for all the bugs I had to fix (though they weren’t too bad or too numerous.) As for the good stuff, I’ve been compiling ND23 animations and adjusting their timing to make the game’s mood that much more intense. There’s also been a few puzzles to tend to; mostly just touch-ups at this point. Aaaaand I was given the privilege to help ‘Intern Pete’ with a special photo project.

Sounds like a pretty fun week. I should see if we can switch jobs. 😛 Thanks for the excellent quote Jayme!

I asked for another puzzle hint and this is what I found at my desk:

– Puzzle 59 Hint –

Seems to be about as good as any, though possibly a touch incomplete. There’ll be another puzzle coming up tomorrow so finish this one quick!

Oh boy!

– Novel –

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