Trail of the Twister – Touching Down in Stores Today!

After nine very long months of waiting, Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister is finally here!!!  I know a lot of our fans preordered the game and received it last week, but there are also quite a few who ordered the digital download or are waiting to pick it up at their local retailer. 

If you preordered the game, you can download it here.  Please note that there is a page for the Mac version and a page for the PC version.  The boxed game only has a single hybrid version, so it's not an issue there, but please be careful which platform you're downloading Trail of the Twister for.

In stores – the game will be at Target and Walmart today.  Best Buy will get it, but we're not sure when.  It's a good idea to call before you go to Walmart – the game is only available at select stores, so if you call ahead of time, you'll save yourself a possible extra trip.  If you don't see it on the shelves, please ask an associate or speak to the manager of the store.  Let them know that you're disappointed that they're not carrying the game! 

And finally, once you've got Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister in your hands, PLAY IT!!!  We've heard of fans that stay up all night playing it (and taking the next day off from work) and others who have tried to savor their time with the next game by only playing an hour or so a day.  How do you play your game?  In one epic session or in constant increments throughout the week?

Also, Pete's blog is wrapping up today.  🙁  Make sure you read the conclusion of his blog or catch up on entries you might have missed.  Check out the comments section too – Pete has had a lot of fun responding to fans and lot of fun writing the blog.

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