Puzzle (60)

Friday! (That is all.)

Oh, this puzzle was given to me on Monday. It’s an important one, buuuuut you might not be as surprised Designer Cathy was hoping. Still I thought it was very worthy. Here goes nothing!

– Puzzle 60 –

Waverly’s Mascot is the Key

Rearrange the important letters and you’ll find what was once needed:

(—– — —–)

Good luck on the puzzle and have a great weekend!

Hasta Luego!

– Novel –

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2 responses to “Puzzle (60)”

  1. Corbalizer says:

    A little tip for ND Scary Games:
    Please do not put subtitles when a special effect is made. For instance, when a banshee screams, do not put on the subtitles *a scream*. Because, when you don’t put on that subtitle, the player will say: “That came out of nowhere.”

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    Good advice! I’ll pass it on to our production team (they’re in charge of all the subtitling). I hope our next scary game really tops them all! Thanks for your feedback Corbalizer. ^.^

    – Novel –

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