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I’m pretty thrilled about E3 this year. Every time there’s a whole lot of hype, all smoke and mirrors, et al. And I just love to dive right in. New technology and games (complete or not) are exciting for the industry to bask in. We get to see all these cool new projects that other companies are working on. In many ways this helps inspire us to create bigger and better things! We’ll definitely be watching all the coverage and critiques being passed about this week. It’ll be a good distraction from the uber-busy launch we’re just about to be in. Only a few days left till we start shipping pre-orders, and then just beyond that is the official launch. I am so ready!

Nice work on the puzzle. It looks like you’ve completed one section of Puzzle 58, now it is a matter of unscrambling the letters. How about…

– Puzzle 58 Hint –

4 – 2 – 3 – 8

Oh and I’ve been thinking about 57 and I’m going to give you a huge step, in case that spurs some new thought.

– Puzzle 57 Hint –

Start with the line, step to the word, and define the letter.

Adios amigos!

– Novel [+] –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Novel, I was on the boards, and I saw your avatar is a Pa Penny! I sooooooooooooooo want that avatar, could you please enable it for all to use? And also can you give another hint for the WAC Raven egg? 1…2…3 doesn’t really help.

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