I Spy

There’s been a bunch of hubbub in the electronics world. With E3 just around the bend, who isn’t into spilling all sorts of fancy news. Sure, we’ve been paying attention, but only slightly.  Yeah, TOT is still the only thing on our minds…

– Our new office wallpaper –

At least it’s not the only thing on the forefront.  We’ve still got two more launches this year.  See, there’s that… and cookies…  Man, I could go for some oatmeal raisin right now.

It looks like the hint from yesterday hasn’t spurred you along as much as I would like so I’ll go ahead and offer another one.

– Puzzle 57 Hint –

If letters are numbers, could you follow their footsteps?

Sunny days here I come!

– Novel –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love the cover i cant wait for the game great job.

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