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The official powers that be have placed a dazzling new post on the message boards, as is their policy. I’m voting that it is a good and solid measure. They’re always trying to be on the up and up with the fans. And what better means than the venue they run. Let’s hope it continues to be a sounding board for quality. I can only yell at them so much. ^.~

Trust me when I say, ‘that’s your job.’

On other notes, I’ve got the answers from the weekend. Check it:

– Weekend Puzzle 55 Answer –

To solve this puzzle you need to [ think about the capital letters as numbers ].
Assume that [ a=1, b=2, c=3… ], then from each [ capital, count backwards ].
For example; in the second line “creAte hope” [ A is the capital so move back 1 letter from A, and you get ‘e’. ]
Continue to do this and the letters [ you stop on should slowly spell something out. ]
Once you’ve completed the above steps you’ll have your answer:
[ Debbie Kircum ]

Hmmm… perhaps you saw that one coming. We’re just all about the TOT launch at the moment. Though I’m hoping you are too.

See ya later!

– Novel (even) –

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