As the name might imply, that’s what I’ve been focused on for the past few hours.  I took a snap shot whilst I was busy cramming paper into paper. As you can see, there’s lots of envelopes to push out to the universe.  Maybe one will stumble onto your path, who knows?

Survey Much?

Per yesterday’s P.S. I said I’d work out the puzzle, so here goes.

– Weekend Puzzle Answer –

This puzzle has all you need to solve it. To figure it out, you start by [ selecting a square and moving in a single direction off of it ] Write down each [ letter ] you pass through. But be sure not to [ enter a square you’ve already touched ]

Here are the steps:

Start at T.
Move Diagonally right and down to O
Down to B
Up and right to Y
Down to F
Another down to R
Right to O
Up to S
Up again to T
Up once more to T
Left to H
Left again to A
Down and Left to R
Down to L
Down and Right to O
And lastly Left to W

Now just read back [ what you spelled ] and you’ll get:
[ Toby ‘Frosty’ Harlow ]

That answer should have some meaning to you. If not, maybe check this out.

Thursday is creeping up on us. Maybe it’ll bring some new news! Come on back tomorrow and see.

– Novel –

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