So the word is out, and it is “Mac.”  It’s pretty excellent news for many of our fans.  And you can bet that we’re pleased to bring the Nancy Drew games to even more sleuth fans.  Just think; “Today, Macintosh. Tomorrow, the world.  Mmmwahahaha!”

It’s Thursday and I’ve run down “artist row” again to find a victim volunteer to speak with me. Today I’ve managed to rope in Josh.  He’s a 3-D modeler extraordinaire!

Blurb of the week
Well, I’ve been working on two big projects this week. Firstly, I’ve been tweaking the water animation to get it looking as real as possible. We did a good job with RAN but I’m hoping to step it up a notch! Secondly, I’m modeling out the establishing shot for ND23. This shot is very important because it’ll show where a lot of the action is taking place. So I’ve got to spend a lot of time making it look amazing. Oh, but I always leave a little time in my day to go scour the candy dishes and torment their owners, present company included [i.e. Novel].

It is all too true… Still, I appreciate you for sitting down with us. ^.^

It’s been a hefty week, but stop by tomorrow for the puzzle.

I’m outs!

– Novel (reveal)-

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Novel! will there be a music for mysterys 5? Thanks for helping!(;

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