Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Special Edition Game

We're trying something new for Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister that we hope our fans will like – a Special Edition version for fans who preorder the game!  In order get this Special Edition, you must preorder the game by 6/16 on – it can be either a digital download or a boxed game.

In the Special Edition you'll receive:

– More Pa Pennies that you'll be able to find around the homestead to purchase candy from the local store which has new candy from the makers for KoKo Kringles.  This is similar to the coin system in the the Phantom of Venice.  In the normal version, you will only be able to get more Pa Pennies by playing Land Rush (get some more practice playing the free minigame on our website if you don't plan on preordering) or fixing circuit boards.

– Extra Sassy Detective award – there will be 13 stars on the badge instead of the usual 12.

– Extra outtakes – if you achieve all 13 Sassy Detective awards, there are 2 extra outtakes at the end of the game.

– you must preorder by 6/16 on
– it can be either the digital download or the boxed game
– there is no additional cost
– the Special Edition will be available for both PC and Mac platforms
– the Special Edition cannot be purchased in stores.

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Are you excited for this Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Special Edition game and do you plan on preordering your game from us?

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