Trick of the Eyes

Welcome to the week!  We hope your visit here is a pleasant one… in fact I’m quite sure it will be, “All signs point to yes!”   So let’s see if I can glimpse into this week’s schedule…

I’ve heard rumors of the beginnings of ND23… though I’m reluctant to give them any form.  With TOT hot on our heels, I’d hate to divert your attention.  And again I’m given assurances of tantalizing TOT news in the coming weeks… dates are still fuzzy though…

If you’ve been keeping up with the blogs, and newsletters, and various other media outlets we command, then you’re probably aware of the contest going on.  So far I’ve seen a lovely display of pictures and artwork.  This is the kind of thing we crave people!  I love it!  If you’re lost by this paragraph, a good waypoint is here.

Now is the time of post-production.  We’re closing the book on TOT and discussing all the things we’ve done right (and wrong!).  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think our company was just a bunch of people who have ludicrously long meetings… though it pains me to say, these things help us succeed.  The real magic does happen outside those doors, but we need to sit and let the ideas coalesce into something tangible.  Prestidigitation is all well and good for pomp and circumstance, but quite impractical for a pragmatic world, particularly one with such keen-eyed sleuths.  These “post” meetings help us refine the creation process, so that each game can improve on the last one…  is it working?  I suppose that question is best left answered by you.  ^.~

I’ll see ya when tomorrow is today!


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