Spoilers Due

I’ve been promised intel.  Vague as it may be, it plucks defiantly at the “curiosity string” running from toes to frontal lobe.  Plus it sounds all “James Bond-esque” which I can totally get behind.  (We all are fans of snooping, are we not?)  I’m going to guess it is TOT related, but I suppose I’ll find that out when you do.  Still, the TOT spoilers have been a long time coming, so I’m relishing when the floodgates open and we’re wading deep in Press Releases. 

So it looks like both puzzles have reached a state of “solvéd-ness.”  Which you can take to mean they’ve reached the apex of “solvability,” where answers abound and you’re give a choice of which camp’s hypothesis you choose to support.  I’m going to do two separate posts tomorrow, one for each puzzle, detailing out the steps involved.  I’ve got to say though, I really enjoyed watching you all work through both of them.  Kudos!

This week is going to be rockin’ awesome, I just know it!

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