Puzzle 47 Solution

Your second solution of the day is for #47.

— Puzzle 47 Answer —

1. Seven Sailed.
This clue refers to [sailing the 7 seas.] Simply replace [ sea with “C” ] to discern the tile.

2. It’s common.
An old saying for sure, but this one is about [ common sense. ] Again with the [ homophone ] replace the missing word with [ ¢ (the sign for cents) ]

3. If you said this was a necessary piece, I might think you had misread it.
Yet more wordplay [ ∫ is a sign for the mathematical concept of integrals,] often pronounced as [ integral, a synonym for necessary or required ]

4. Opposite of the beginning.
Easily solved; the opposite of beginning is [ end ] often denoted by [ Ω, the sign of omega. ]

5. Apples, Cherries, and Pecans.
These three have something in common, they’re all [ pies, or in this case π (pi) ]

6. And ‘lo we did feast.
A fancy way of saying [ ate, a homophone of the number, 8 ]

7. What we put between Bread and Butter.
What we put there was [ the word “and” ] which can be seen as a tile with this symbol [ & ]

8. Not exactly the sign for where a catcher stands…
A tad tricky, but a catcher stands on [ a base ]. Following the theme of the puzzle, you’ll notice a 

[ bass clef (homophone) ] which isn’t exactly the right sign.

9. Used to be.
You could say it’s the former, or [ an “ex”,] which is represented by the [ X ] tile.

10. (This step is its own hint.)
This means the hint is [ 10 ] which is [ X in Roman numerals ]

11. How you begin Calculations.
Calculations always begins with [ a “C” ].

12. Forever sideways
Forever can also be written as [ ] which, if turned sideways looks more like an [ 8 ]

Now [ mark off all of the tiles ] and looks at your work. Notice what you’ve got? [ 17 ]. Now back to our original question, “Which game?” Well there’s only one answer here:
[ Legend of the Crystal Skull ]

Excellent work detectives! This is indeed the game of the month for April! So keep your eyes peeled for specials and downloads centered around it. I’ve got to say, it is one of my personal favorites. ^.~

– Novel –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    omg i would of never thought of that! i read the spoiler for the puzzle but i didn’t get 17 when i tryed to correct my origanal answer, RANSOM OF THE SEVEN SHIPS (hence the first step, “Seven Sailed”). am i supposed to count the tiles from the steps or the remaining ones on the board??? thanks Novel! ~R

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