Marginal Notations

I’ve been working on more teaser material for TOT. Information is still on restriction around here. I imagine there’s a special reason, but I suppose it could always be the politics of “timing.” Either way I expect at least a small leak or something. I mean we know a newsletter is coming, but is it TOT related? Not even I’ve got the pulse on that one. Time to hit the beat once more to see what I can find…

Speaking of hard to find… info on last Friday’s puzzle…

Sorry for the obfuscation (based on lack of confirmation,) but the puzzle was indeed solved (typo and all) by a some rather crafty sleuthers. I figured this puzzle would require at least one snazzy hint. Color me impressed. Although when I spoke with Designer Ben, he remarked that you all solved it differently than he intended.  I’ll have to get the full scoop tomorrow, along with a walk-through.  I’ll see ya then!

– Novel (submerged) –

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2 responses to “Marginal Notations”

  1. tim says:

    Sorry to bother you, but yesterday’s Dare to Play! Blog post doesn’t exist. You click on ‘blog’ from the main page and it only comes up with last weeks post!

  2. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @tim – ahh the joys of technical complications. Hopefully they’ll get it all sorted it soon. A blog post was created for Tuesday, and I’m sure they’d love to have it displaying correctly. We appreciate the heads-up!

    – Novel –

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