Paper Trail

I’ve been looking at packaging samples and paper types for hours now. Designing books and packages can be a much more intensive process than I first imagined. Just look at a small sampling of the many paper styles I can choose from!

And that’s to say nothing of thickness or texture!

But packaging is important to us. We have to create boxes and manuals that help reinforce the quality of product your receiving. So ensuring that we’re meeting a high standard is of the utmost priority. I suppose I’ll be wading in this stuff for a bit. Let’s hope I can curb my indecisive streak long enough to make a few choices. ^.~

It looks like Puzzle 40 was solved today! Congratulations! I said I’d spoil “Forty-One” and I intend to do just that.

– Puzzle 41 Answer –

To solve this puzzle you need to use a [ “Caesar” or “shift” cipher ] The text hints at this, but also the second half of the sentence uses another term for it
[ Rot-N, or Rotation “n” ]

Once you know the key, you’ll need to
[ shift each letter backwards in the alphabet by 3. ]


If you place the letters in the URL, you get:

Click here to view it.

I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be listing out Puzzle 40 tomorrow I suppose. If you’d like an early spoiler you can check out the thread here.

Peace out!

– Novel –

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    awww. thats sweet 🙂

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