Learning, Voicing, maybe… Rejoicing?

I watched a presentation today about engaging students. It talked about utilizing cellphones and the web to create informative and fun projects that teach. How crazy would it be to do a “pop quiz” on your cellphone, texting the answers to your teacher? It got me thinking though how much I enjoy the small things that we’re able to deliver in our games. For instance, after working on and playing The Phantom of Venice I’m now able to say quite a few phrases in Italian, as well as knowing some history on the city itself! (more of a tangential learning experience, but still.)

Has there been anything in our games that you’ve become interested in discovering more about?

There’s going to be a bit of voice recording done for TOT today. I’ve luckily been invited to join in. Though I shudder to think of hearing my own shrill tones amidst the controlled vocal acting of the other participants. Still it’ll be a fun experience, I’ll try to get some photos. ^.~

Tomorrow’s puzzle time, don’t miss out!

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