Goal Tending

We’ve been working today to help create more content updates for you all. That means more consistency with D2P blog posts, newsletters, and downloadables on the website. You’ll be able to set you watch by the site (logistically speaking.) I’m hoping that we can add a few new things too, like dev blogs and bonus game content. But who knows, it’s still early in the year and our heads are in the clouds. You can expect good things though.

I see there’s been quite a hubbub on the contest. Hopefully I’ve been able to answer questions in a timely manner. I’ve already seen a few covers come in to the mail box (digitally) and I’m eagerly awaiting the next few visual morsels. You all never cease to amaze me, keep up the good work.

As for the puzzle, I can’t help but want to keep you on the right track. So I’ll let you see this:

-Puzzle 36 Hint

The (H_) (S_) (_F) Knew (_T) (W_) (O_) (A) (M_) (_F) (T_) (Before) (_E) (W_) (G_) (_D)

Tomorrow is the finish line, I’ll see ya there.

– Novel –

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