Days Down

The office is really empty, what with Christmas occurring this fine Friday. Still, we’re finding ways to occupy ourselves. Mostly meetings and pizza… 😛

I noticed that the puzzle was solved already, that’s great! I’ll go ahead and list the steps.

— Answer for Puzzle #35 —

First you’ll need to [ assign one clue to each picture ], this can be done “somewhat” through process of elimination. The order is as follows (from right to left, top to bottom) [ Picture 1 = Clue 4, Picture 2 = Clue 2, Picture 3 = Clue 1, Picture 4 = Clue 3 ]

Now you solve for each clue.
Picture 1 [ you would name either Hardy ]
Picture 2 [ a young horse is a foal ]
Picture 3 [ the images in this picture rhyme ]
Picture 4 [ this is a picture of a hippo ]

Now if you rearrange the letters in [ Hardy, foal, rhyme, hippo ] you can spell
[ Happy Holidays from HER ]


I hope you enjoyed the puzzle, I’m going to try to have one made by Wednesday. Either way, I’m here till then, so stop on by the ‘ole blog-o-sphere, and we’ll see if we can’t stir up some fun.

– Novel –

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One response to “Days Down”

  1. HelenaBergFan says:

    Wish HerInteractive jolly holidays also!
    Can’t wait for TOT or is it TWI? Whatever…

    Thank you for a year of great games!
    Keep it up!
    And remember that there is always room for improvement. 😉

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