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Weekends! We’ve wrapped up few important things this week, and many of the teams are working on closing out projects before the new year ends:

Design is finishing up phase 2 of Trail of the Twister. I haven’t seen much more than pen-and-paper concepts, but even those play great!

Art is working on completing their first milestone for TOT art. Usually this means outside environments or exteriors, and some puzzles. They’ve been working a lot, but we haven’t been able to sneak any peeks just yet.

Production is also wrapping up the first few pieces of TOT. Usually this includes building one or two puzzles, and a few environment scenes. (They’re always limited by art and design though. :P)

Marketing of course is dragging its heels, we’re still talking WAC and RED, just in case there was some buzz you missed. But hey we’ve also been working on a few end of the year specials (not to mention newsletters!) Besides, someone’s gotta stop and chat with you all. ^.~

Well, stay groovy!

– Novel –

Ohhhhhh! The Puzzle! That’s my favorite part of Friday. Okay. Seeing as you still haven’t solved #34, I’ve received a hint for it. Check it out:

— Hint for Puzzle #34 —

“I’ve solved a few letters to help get you on your way. Good luck.”


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