Tues. too much

What better way to hit day two than a big rush of writing! Blogs, bios, and bonus content. Today looks like a FIN day, with some slight showers of CLK, maybe rounded out at the very end with WAC.

We’re constantly working on keeping the website up-to-date and bursting at the seams with information on all thing Nancy Drew. Course it’s a pretty big job, and sometimes we make little errors here and there on the site, though we like to keep that to a minimum. 😛 Course if you happen to spot one, don’t hesitate to tell us (that’s certainly not a challenge ^.^ ) And sometimes we’re looking to add new screens or character shots.

Have you ever thought there was something missing, or do you think we’ve managed to summarize the games in good way? If you could add even more to the site, like info or screen shots, what would it be? Think on it and give me your input.

Oh and I’ll be passing the pen to my lovely assistant for the remainder of the week, but worry not, we’ll have an excellent puzzle by Friday. Stay amazing!

– Novel –

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