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I hope everyone had a nice exciting weekend. The winter grind continues here in the office. We’re busy hatching secret plans for the holidays. Mwahahha!

I seem to recall offering to spoil puzzle Thirty One today, so I’ll do my best as it tends to get a bit complex (Rob’s a tricky kinda guy.)

— Revealing Puzzle 31 —

So you’re given four code words with a groupings of characters following it.
You’ll want to use [ the grid from last week’s hint ]
In fact, you’ll want [ a separate grid for each code word ]
Next you’ll need to [ place points on the grid and draw lines for the groupings ]
An example of this would be to [ mark a dot on c2 and draw a line to c3 ]
Repeat this process for all groupings and all of the code words
[ with each code word use a different graph. ]
After you’ve finished you’ll have
[ 4 graphs with a lot of random lines on them. ]
So take those and
[ place them on top of one another and rotate the graphs to spell a phrase. ]
The final answer is: [ Five Black Cats ]

When I saw this puzzle, I was blown away by its difficulty. I’m totally floored that it was solved, congrats to everyone who worked on it. Oh and as a little aside, [ Five black Cats ] refers to a series of hidden objects we placed in the Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks DS game to promo WAC. Now that’s a fancy bit o’ trivia!

You’re also doing well on Puzzle 32, I’ll check back in tomorrow. Right-O!

– Novel (1/2) –

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